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Double the BIRTHDAY fun!


If you know me personally, you know that I myself and am a twin and I love all things twins!  I mean it really is the best thing in the world and I could go on for hours about why!  So getting to take pictures of twins was a real treat.

But more seriously I was so blessed and humbled by this session because their dad and I grew up together and have known each other for almost 20 years! (Am I seriously old enough to say that?!). When their sweet mother had them, I remember praying so many prayers for these two and it was so wonderful to be a part of celebrating their first year!  So to their parents, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for asking me to take these!

The Chamberlain Family

"Family is one of life's masterpieces..."  |  George Santayana

Caitlin + Caleb

An Oxford, MS Wedding

Caitlin and Caleb's wedding day was every bit of perfect that a simple, January wedding brings.  The thing about weddings in Mississippi in January is...it's either comfortable or FREEZING outside.  The Lord really showed out with such a beautiful winter overcast that was amazing for these two!  Every detail was so perfectly thought out and it was extremely hard to narrow down my favorites...Enjoy! 

Asher - Fresh 48

What an honor to be a part of such a special moment in a family's life!

Sweet Asher made his grand entrance this weekend and let me just say he is ADORABLE!  I love it when families include me in their hospital stay.  Kate asked me to capture the sweet moment when their oldest son met his new little brother, and my lens may have fogged up a little from the tears...so sweet!  I love the raw emotion in the her face as she holds her TWO sweet boys and how smitten big brother is with his newest best friend.  Its amazing how much joy new life brings!

It's Fall Y'all: Family Portraits Here We Come!!

Gregory Family - Cotton Session 2016

I can hear it now!

"Sweetheart, what exactly are you wanting me and the kids to wear for these family pictures?  Do we match?  Will this look okay?  Are you sure?"

It literally happens every time in my house and so I imagine {and hope} that I'm not the only one who goes through this struggle with the husband and the littles!  Not to mention, I run it all through my mind over and over and over until I'm seeing subtle pastels, stripes, and polka dots in my sleep!  No need to panic Kate, the pictures will turn out GREAT!  Right??

One of the first questions I always get when setting up family portrait sessions for my clients is "What do you suggest I wear?  Is there a color scheme you think will go best?"  Here are a few tips that I always share to help keep the stress to a minimum.

Consider your backdrop

Are you having portraits taken in the woods, on a city street, in a cotton field, etc....  Your backdrop plays a large role in what will look best!  Some locations are more forgiving than others and you want to make sure that everything flows so that when you look at that giant picture over the mantle, you smile instead of saying, "I wish I hadn't worn THAT!"

One of our most popular sessions is the cotton field (as well as a wooded/green fielded area).  These are going to be your most flexible backdrops.  There isn't much going on behind you, so you can play a little more with your patterns.  Stripes and polka dots are always a hit and look great.  BUT when taking outdoor pictures, try to stay away from the "micro" florals and the colors of your surroundings!  You may disappear! ;)  For city scape pics, go with the bold solid colors that highlight your eyes (and lipstick)!

Bloodworth Family Christmas 2016

Pick a color scheme...not a color/color family

I see it every year.  The entire family is either in all white or all black.  Don't get me wrong, there is a time and an occasion for this choice, but typically choosing another route will look much better and will actually be easier to accommodate (especially for large groups).

When you're having fall family portraits done in particular, choose a color scheme.  Tell everyone to wear fall colors (dark purple, burnt orange, mustard yellow, dark green, navy blue, brown, maroon)!  Chances are, everyone will show up in a different color, so no one blends in with each other, and while you don't all match, the outfits flow together.  You can also say everyone where something Christmas-y.  This doesn't have to necessarily mean ONLY red and green, but add in some white, gold, and silver and you have a festive picture where everyone still coordinates!  The KEY is coordination OVER matching.


Wear something that makes YOU comfortable and makes you feel great in your own skin!  How often do we feel like a model when we are wearing that killer top we got last month on sale and it fits just right?  That comfort and confidence will shine through in your portraits and you will be much happier with the outcome!  

Another thing to keep in mind is to stay classic.  Try to avoid what is especially trendy at the current time and stick with what is always in style.  Because who wants to look back at their pictures 20 years from now and say... WHY?! 

Corley Family Maternity Portrait

Hopefully this helps clam the chaos that is organizing your family portraits!  Don't forget to book your session before time gets away from you!  If you're interested in any of our mini sessions, you can click on the links below to sign up!  If you'd like a full portrait session, contact us today and let's get you on our calendar!

Cotton Field Mini Sessions (Oxford, MS)

Christmas Tree Farm Mini Sessions (Nesbit, MS)