Do I Need An Album?

I hear the following questions all the time:  

Do I really need an album?  Can't I just make my own online?  What do the albums you offer even look like??

Well here's my answer, do you NEED an album?  No.  Are they great to have?  Absolutely!! 

There is something about being able to flip through real pages with printed images that brings it all back.  Yes, you can scroll through that Facebook album that you posted 3 years ago and take a peak through all the pictures that you have from your wedding day.  BUT doesn't it seem more special and personal to have your own copy, curl up on the couch together and really look at your favorite images?

Or one day you have friends and family over who have never seen your pictures (and let's face it, you're 3 kids deep so your walls are now dedicated to their portraits) and you get to hand them a photo album instead of passing around an iPhone?  There really is just something special and fun about having your own wedding album.  One that will stand the test of time.  One that is right there when you need it.  You don't have to scroll or even search through the archives!

(Which also makes a "baby's first year" album great!  In all the busyness who really has time to go back through a YEAR of cute toothless grins, first steps, etc!?)

Our albums really are the cream of the crop!  With linen, leather, or photo covers, they offer a great classic look that aren't an eyesore on your bookshelf or coffee table.  The pages are thick and durable, meaning tiny fingers that want to see mommy and daddy's wedding pictures for the hundredth time won't rip them up...thus sending you to create a new book.  Our pages are hand designed to showcase your images perfectly and they even lay FLAT!  No more getting irritated about that quarter inch of the page that you cannot see because the pages are curled in the middle!

Long story short, I really am a print/album advocate because there is nothing like seeing your pictures in person...not on a screen.  Which is something we have lost in this digital age.  Like I always say, invest in those hard copies because you can pass them down for can't pass down your outdated device! :)